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Neals Yard, London

Neals Yard is a small alley in London’s Covent Garden between Shorts Gardens and Monmouth Street which opens into a courtyard. It is named after the 17th century developer, Thomas Neale.

What Need to Know About ….. Neals Yard, London

  • In 1976 alternative activist and entrepreneur Nicholas Saunders started the bulk Whole Food Warehouse; he had bought the Nr. 2 of the derelict Neal’s Yard, a warehouse for the nearby Covent Garden fruit and veg market, for £7,000 a few years earlier.
  • From this success grew various other enterprises in other buildings such as Neal’s Yard Coffee House, Neal’s Yard Bakery, Neal’s Yard Dairy and the Neal’s Yard Apothecary.
  • It now contains several health food cafes and values driven retailers such as Neal’s Yard Remedies, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Casanova & daughters and Wild Food Cafe
  • One of London’s prettiest shopping area – small, brightly-coloured courtyard
  • Cute little courtyard tucked away in a side street with a great selection of coffee shops and cafe’s.

Location of Neals Yard

Located within Central London, within Covent Garden. In the area known as Seven Dials, it is tucked in one corner. The nearest station to  Covent Garden Tube Station which is about 3 minutes to the South East.


Gallery of Neals Yard



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