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Archtrove Travels To Singapore – The Lion Rises Through the Chaos


Singapore has no obvious history, the entire country (not that there is much of it) is man-made. With a high bank balance a can do attitude and the world’s busiest port, Singapore is a small and mighty country, not to be messed with. More than 50% of the area is covered by greenery by its major parks and nature reserves, making it an enchanting city. Its cleanliness is visible throughout the city, although the high bank balance does help with that. The country does a hold a dominance for the wealthy. Saying that, this does not stop it being a vibrant city with a multitude of people from all backgrounds, whilst holding on to its understanding for others and being efficient.

 Its transport system allows you to roam in a matter of minutes, from China to India, America to Australia, they have decided to incorporate a small part of every person in one country. This is not just true in its transport but also its food, from its cheap hawker to Michelin, to its Architecture, from its Hindu Temples to its outrageous sky high hotels.

While the rest of world concentrates on steel, glass and concrete for construction, Singapore goes green trying to achieve City in a Garden with its living ecosystems including the heart of Singapore, the Botanic Gardens. Walking along the streets of Singapore and you can pass through a multitude of architectural styles. These range from the eclectic to the hybrid forms of the colonial period to the more contemporary architecture to incorporate trends from around the world.

Traditional architecture in Singapore includes vernacular Malay houses, local hybrid shop houses and black and white bungalows, a range of places of worship reflecting the ethnic and religious diversity of the city as well as colonial civic and commercial architecture in European Neoclassical, Gothic, Palladian and renaissance styles.


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