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Archtrove travels to Cholistan – desert rallies and mirages

Architecture in Cholistan

The Cholistan, or Rohi, Desert in Punjab, which adjoins the western part of the Thar Desert, is the largest desert on the Indian continent. The desert is over 10,000 square miles, located 20 miles from Bahawalpur. Once stood the Hakra River which has now dried up. 2.5 million Nomads live here herding and trading in camels. The Cholistan is changing, these days again, the desert is undergoing a process of profound change because of canal system originating from the River Sutlaj. But one can still find people living in houses made of mud and straw almost as they might have been living 200 years ago. Within the desert, it houses some of the most majestic and indulgent pieces of Architecture.

Most of these indulgent pieces of Architecture came from the Mughal period, ranging from the 18th century. Such example is the Derawar Fort, was built by the Rajputs in 9th century AD as a tribute to a king. In the 18th century, this was taken over by the Mughals, adding to the site and the style to make it more majestic. Despite its awe-inspiring allure, however, it seems on the verge of collapse due to the neglect of authorities. The Cholistan is mostly known by tourists as a beautiful desert for its rally, which starts at Derawar Fort.


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