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Archtrove travels to Paris – love and louvre

Paris, the city on everyone’s bucket list for many reasons, all to do with romance.











Shown through its architecture, Paris is a romantic city with its balconies draped over, it’s theatrical religious monuments and its dark gothic tones with an air of grunge. Its charm resonates through its leafy avenues, bistros and cafes.

In the 1950s there were no tall buildings in Paris to share the skyline with the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure in the city, until the 1960s. This is when Paris opened up in terms of styles and taking influence from other parts of Europe such as that of Italy.



Politics and Paris

Architecture rules politics in Paris, if ever a ruler wanted to make his mark, grand projects were in the pipeline such as in the 1980s, during the reign of Francois Mittard, the Opera Bastille, Grande Arche de la Defense, Louvre Pyramid and the Ministry of Finance.


Diversity of Paris

However, Paris has never ceased to evolve and experiment, with aristocratic mansions, Baroque churches and Haussmannian apartments sitting happily alongside concrete avant-garde houses, industrial premises, the cast iron Eiffel Tower and the high-tech Centre Pompidou.

Modern Architecture

Modern French architecture has just as much influence today as historic architecture does. France has also been at the forefront of modern architecture, with its innovative use of technology, from The Institut du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel to the Louis Vitton Foundation by Frank Gehry. The future, skyscrapers in the suburbs.





The Skyline of Paris

Paris is synonymous with black iron railings and hanging baskets, gothic structures and as of most recent modernism, hugely due to Le Corbusier, the Centre Pompidou, that fit the 21st century architectural style.


Architectural Sites in Paris

  • Champs-Elysees
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre
  • Notre Dame
  • Musee D’Orsay
  • Palace of Versaille
  • Centre George de Pompidou
  • Louis Vitton Foundation
  • Sacre Coeur
  • Pantheon
  • Sorbonne

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4 thoughts on “Archtrove travels to Paris – love and louvre

  1. Good Day, Heba.
    I love this concept. You describe this world-class city in great detail. I also love architecture and I find it fascinating to explore this concept on a city by city basis.
    I enjoy reading and studying about all these famous and beautiful landmarks that have made Paris so popular. How history and architecture are related is another one of my favorites.
    Is the city created by its architecture or by its people? Why has classical architecture remained so important? Paul


    1. I think every city and country is defined by its architecture and the people. In countries where one exists and not the other, I don’t think these countries prosper. Architecture is there to be used and adored by the people. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Hey there,

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post today. I’ve just been to Paris a few days ago and have so far been very amazed by their architectures, from the Cathedral of Notre Dame to their Hôtel de Ville to something more modern like the the Pompidou Center. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, your post helps me figure where to visit next.



    1. Oh Im glad that it helped, I will be adding things to see by areas and top  10 buildings to see, so be sure to check out those. No worries glad you liked it.


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