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Archtrove Travels To Bullring Shopping Centre – the start of blobism and the revival

The Bullring Shopping Centre is a major commercial area, and iconic symbol, within the centre of Birmingham. The area has long been the established shopping district of Birmingham, since the Middle Ages, but is more commonly known to outsiders since the redevelopment. The current shopping centre was built in 2003 in order to revive the city and establish it as the true second city of England.

Location of Bullring Shopping Centre

The site is located on the edge of the city ridge which results in the steep gradient towards Digbeth. The slope drops from New Street to St Martin’s Church which is very visible near the church. Within easy walking distance to 3 main train station, and numerous car parks, it is accessible to all.

Exterior of Bullring Shopping Centre

The most iconic part of Bullring Shopping Centre is the Selfridges store. The Selfridges store is clad in 15,000 shiny aluminium discs and was inspired by a Paco Rabanne sequinned dress. There is a multi-storey car park opposite Selfridges which is connected to the Selfridges store via a 37-metre long, curved, polycarbonate-covered footbridge, known as the Parametric Bridge, suspended over the street.

The building’s shape itself resembles that of the shell and featured a curved bronze roof with both ends covered with glass. The building form is inspired by the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci who identified natural patterns of growth found throughout the universe.

Outside the Bullring, towards the south, consists of a restaurant area called Special Street. Construction of the part indoor, part outdoor development consists of a glass, wooden and aluminium exterior and concertinaed style roof.

Also, at the main entrance to the west building stands “The Guardian”, a 2.2-metre tall bronze sculpture of a running, turning bull inside a ring.


 The shopping centre itself consists of two main buildings the East Mall and the West Mall. Inside the two buildings which are connected by an underground passage lined with shops and is also accessible from St Martin’s Square. The two malls are different internally in design.


Bullring is the glamorous heart of Birmingham with over 160 imaginative and desirable shops to explore. Since opening in 2003 Bullring has helped to transform the city of Birmingham. 

Gallery of Bullring Shopping Centre


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