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Archtrove Travels To Britain – with the National Trust

The National Trust is a charity organisation for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in Britain found in 1895. The premises is to protect the heritage and open spaces so that it is enjoyable for all. It covers, England, Wales and Northern Irelands, Scotland have there own. The large majority are English country houese but it also protects natural beauty sites such as Lake District, urban properties and nature reserves. Also includes, stately home, historic house, castle, abbey, museum. These properties are easily accesible by the public, for a small charge.

What is part of the National Trust:
  • 775 miles of coastline
  • Over 248,000 hectares of land
  • Over 500 historic houses, castles, ancient monuments gardens and parks and nature reserves.
  • Close to one million objects and works of art

National Trust Properties include:


Charlcote Park

Baddesley Clinton

Coughton Court

Tip: If you live in Britain it is worth getting a membership as this works out cheaper and you are more likely to visit these beautiful sites and discover something that you did not know existed.

Find out more about National Trust here

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