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Archtrove Travels To York – Harry Potter Inspo

York is the place you think of to experience old-school English charm, with its historical references, its quaint and charming streets and its knooks and crannies.


York Minister

Most famous of its buildings is the York Minister. Proudly sitting in the square with surrounding shops, which would have once been the market, it would have stood over, keeping a watchful eye on the townspeople. It still does.

Young Wizards and York

In recent times, The Shambles has become known to become the home of fictional Diagon Alley from the fabulous written Harry Potter, or at least the inspiration for it causing an abundant of wizardry shops to take hold. To be fair to J.K. Rowling it is not hard to see why the streets of York would not be a place fit for the wizardry world.

Cobbled Streets and York

With its cobbled streets and prehistoric stone monuments, it is not hard to see why it was a nominee for a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Trawling through these small, narrow streets going off in every direction is no mean feat to encompass for travellers. The city is, as it was in its Roman times.

Stone Walls and York

A sturdy stone wall surrounds the whole of York city centre, one of the longest lasting walls currently occupying Britain. Set a couple of metres higher than the city it makes for a great walk and view of the town.

Architectural Sites in York

  • The Wall
  • The Shambles



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