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Archtrove Travels To Chicago – The Home of Skyscrapers (and Pizza)

Chicago, nicknamed the Windy City, is true to its name, but it is so much more. Not only does it have the status of being the home of the first skyscraper, it also has character. Something you would not expect from a city that had historical buildings destroyed in a Great Fire and skyscrapers now overlord instead.

The Great Fire and Chicago

When fire strikes, nothing can hold and this was true to the case of Chicago. The whole of the downtown was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Its historical building ceased to exist. Minus the Water Tower. In the middle of this new and modern city, sits a historical structure, a reminder. A reminder that through the struggle can come great beauty. The Water Tower is like something out of a gothic fairytale with its tall tower overlooking.  20180330_190216

Skyscrapers and Chicago

Along the river, which runs through central Chicago are indeed an abundance of skyscrapers, each trying to be outdone by the other. As this can be daunting when looking up, the use of glass is well done as it reflects the water from the river and makes everything calm again. Also, it does, however, make for a beautiful skyline.

Starchitects and Chicago

Every prominent American Architect seems to have had a hand in developing this city, building it from the rubble and testing out new ideas before going off to the big, big city. From various styles including modern and futuristic to traditional and clean cut. The rich history is also reflected by its monuments, such as The Bean.


The Bean and Chicago

When you see pictures of Chicago, you will most definitely end up seeing a picture of the Bean. A Giant metal bean, placed in the park. A simple design yet so effective. Not only is it accessible for all to admire, it has also become a great place to harmonise and take a selfie. A free souvenir for all. And all do descend upon it, old and young, men and wome, some making it a day out with a picnic, some making it part of the tourist trail.


Architectural Sites in Chicago

  • The Water Tower
  • Sears Tower
  • John Hancock Centre

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