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Archtrove Travels To Belgium – Chocolate and More

Belgium Architecture

Belgium architecture like most of Europe is known for its conquests and its occupiers, predominantly, the French and the Dutch so expect beautifully coloured buildings, finesse and style everywhere you turn.

As a pinnacle centre for science and the arts, it has been known for its riches and these have seen investment into its architecture and hence the styles of the late 1800s and early 1900s are still around. Its most predominant styles are Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings. These types of buildings are scattered all over the city.

Victor Horta

Victor Horta was a famous designer, known throughout Europe for his contemporary architectural constructions and now you can see his influence and his work in the city.


the capital and home to the European Parliament, with a whole area dedicated to government buildings, hosts a variety of areas each with its own distinct feature.

The city centre also hosts a multitude of comic book characters depicted on the wall.


Find out more about Brussels here.


the UNESCO chocolate box style architecture is dotted around in this small but tightly packed city. Rich and preserved architectural gems scatter alongside the canals making the entire city a walking history tour.




Find out more about Bruges here.


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