Archtrove Travels To Coventry – The Industrial Change

Coventry is home to three cathedrals and a naked Lady Godiva riding through the streets. It is the second largest city after Birmingham in the West Midlands. Usually it gets overlooked due to its post war look and and industrial feel. Although, this has Made it a hub for motor companies. Most of Coventry was destroyed during Worl War II and in turn had to be rebuilt.

Rebuilding Coventry

Coventry was injected with cash and a architect to help rebuild the city. It contained one of the Europe’s first pedestrianised shopping centre and was completed in the 1960s. Since then, with most of the buildings listed, the city has not changed and with a Brutalistic style, this is being lost.

Now thats changing, with Coventry being made 2021 City of Culture.

Some Buildings To Check Out:

Coventry Cathedrale

The current Coventry Cathedral was built after the 14th century cathedral church of Saint Michael was destroyed by the Luftwaffe in the Coventry Blitz of 14 November 1940., leaving only the leaving only the outer walls and spire. This makes it one of the newest Cathedrale’s in England.

At 300 feet (91 metres) high, the spire of St Michael’s is claimed to be the third tallest cathedral spire in England, after Salisbury and Norwich. Due to the architectural design (in 1940 the tower had no internal wooden floors and a stone vault below the belfry) it survived the destruction of the rest of the cathedral. The new Coventry Cathedral was opened in 1962 next to the ruins of the old.

The spire of the ruined cathedral forms one of the “three spires” which have dominated the city skyline since the 14th century, the others being those of Christ Church (of which only the spire survives) and Holy Trinity Church which is still in use.

Coventry Transport Museum

Another visitor attraction in the city centre is the free-to-enter Coventry Transport Museum, which has the largest collection of British-made road vehicles in the world. The museum received a refurbishment in 2004 which included the creation of a new entrance as part of the city’s Phoenix Initiative project.


Fargo Village

The Β£5 million Fargo Village creative quarter shopping precinct was open in 2014 on Far Gosford Street. Since then it has become a hipster, millenial hq in Coventry! With its industrial and artsy look with graffitti on the way and full of independent businesses. Each business gives a different look architecturally making it a beautiful asthetic site.


Whats Next For Coventry

As Coventry is set to become a city of culture in 2021, it has begun its redevelopment. With plenty in store for the city centre and its surrounding areas, it will become a city to watch out for.


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