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Archtrove Travels To Abu Dhabi – the UAE Capital


Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is not a city I thought I would be visiting before the arrival of Instagram. I have always visited Dubai as a result of flights to other parts of the world and therefore have never had an interest to go. As my sister was working was working in Dubai, I stayed for a bit longer and therefore had an oppertunity to go to Abu Dhabi.

A couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerges from the desert (well that is what it did) and an oasis of beauty, calm and peace automatically hits you.

The main buildings i wanted to see were the Palace, the Louvre and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (which is everywhere on instagram).

Louvre, Abu Dhabi

The Louvre, (although my heart will belong to the original in Paris) is a beautifully designed building. Jean Nouvel has taken a mix of a eastern and wester design and combined it seemlessly. It consists of a floating web-patterned dome allowing the sun to filter through. The overall effect is meant to represent “rays of sunlight passing through date palms through a oasis.



Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The architecture of the Mosque is simply stunning (although all Mosque’s are, I might be biased). A pure white oasis, like something out of Aladdin. It has know been known as the largest mosque in the world attracting tourists from all over the world.

The White Pearl of the Gulf, this magnificent structure of marble and gold, flanked by finely trimmed grass and clear pools, is a feast for your eyes. The hollows of its onion-top domes meticulously engraved with verses from the Quran is sure to leave you in complete awe. Voted the world’s third favorite landmark by TripAdvisor, it is not hard to see why.

Tip: Go during the day, at night it is busier.




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