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Archtrove Travels To The East End – London’s Hipster Quarter

London’s East End is known for its quirky finds. It diversity has helped with its street-food, its eye-popping street art and its general shabby chic street decorations.

However London changes, Brick Lane and surrounding areas still have a old school charm of brickclad, cobbled street and ethnic street signs.

Due to area being “cheaper” than the rest of London, it remains authentic to what London once was.

Along the way a street art tour is a must.

The fantastic cultural vibrancy and diversity of Brick Lane seen today is the result of centuries of change, as wave after wave of immigrants have settled in the area and each added their unique ingredients to the strong cultural mix of the East End.

Irish, Jewish and Bangladeshi communities have each settled in turn in the area and given rise to a rich tapestry of street names, buildings and culinary specialities.

Hence, elegant rows of Georgian town houses, textile industries, bagel shops and Bengali restaurants all sit alongside each other and now play part in a cultural strategy for the area that builds on and celebrates this legacy.




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