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Archtrove Travels To Spain – The Iberian Peninsula

Spanish architecture was once only limited to Spain, bit nowadays it is spread across the world taking influence from the Mediterranean and Northern Africa.

First came the Romans, then the Moors. First the Christians, then the Muslims. Each, pulling Spain in a different direction and thus changing the landscape of the country, cities and people. In the south, this is most common, whereas in the north there is little influence.

The North of Spain

Whilst the North, cities such as Bilbao and Barcelona has kept to a traditionally Spanish influence or contrastingly a Modern influence with architects such as Calatrava, Gaudi and Gehry. Spain is currently experiencing a revolution in contemporary architecture and Spanish architects like Rafael Moneo, Santiago Calatrava, Ricardo Bofill as well as many others have gained worldwide renown.

For more on Bilbao, click here.


The South of Spain

The Moorish architecture is most pronounced in these parts with its influence to its occupiers and the North of Africa. Many of these sites have now been designated World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Spain has the third highest number of World Heritage Sites in the world; only Italy and China have more.



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