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Majestic Madrid – 10 Reasons You Should Travel To The Spanish Capital

I have been to Spain a few times, the first being to Barcelona during a university trip. A beautiful coastal city with ample architecture delights to showcase. And as a university trip, it was. After that was a family trip to Malaga, the opposite of the Barcelona holiday. A leisurely traipsing around a city trip with a less focus on the architecture and more on the seafood.

Now I have the opportunity to go to Madrid. Although I believe a capital does not make a country, it definitely has a hand.

Madrid is located in the centre of Spain and is easy access to all cities. On first impressions, the size. One of the smallest capitals I have visited. However, there is plenty to see and do.

The Palace

I love a palace, the decadent motifs, the enormous arches and the general grandeur of the place. Madrid’s palace is no exception, located in the centre of Madrid (and with hordes of tourist) it really is a spectacle. It vast building encloses a courtyard and grants a private audient with the whole of the building.



Some churches just hide in the background, you don’t really know they are there. This one, opposite the art gallery (perhaps this is why) stood out for me. The brick wall, the staircase. The whole thing is very fairytale-esque.



The rest of Europe has these beautiful squares just sitting around saying come, wander, have a drink. The whole vibe is very relaxed and beautiful. THIS IS HOLIDAY MODE!


As much as I love modern architecture, there is something about old architecture I love, perhaps it is the tradition, perhaps it is the fact that I know how much effort was required to product something as small as this.


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