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Bilbao in Basque – 10 Reasons You Should Travels To Bilbao

Bilbao is the north of Spain in the Basque country. Although it is a large city it has a peaceful countryside vibe to it which is not the rest of Spain. The Guggenheim in Bilbao has ALWAYS been one of those buildings. Its constant mention and its unique sculptured design has always put it top of my list. However, that’s not all.


is a multipurpose venue designed by Phillipe Starck. It consists of an Auditorium, a concert venue, a library, cafes and a gym. The building itself is a box within a box, cleverly designed to house a multitude of variety. From the outside one would expect a delight.



The market hall was not what I had expected. The building was more like a shopping centre than a grotty market hall. With escalators on arrival and a split floor, one of which to purchase fresh produce and the other to buy and eat. This market is a beauty. I should have known from the time in Barcelona that Spain knows how to do markets.



You could be forgiven to think that Bilbao is full of new buildings and they don’t thank there past history but you would be wrong. The old town is still very much in play with the bulk of shops sprawled across ancient buildings, window balconies and all.



The Casa Montero is more commonly known as the La Casa Gaudí, though it was not even designed by the famous Catalan architect. It has acquired this nickname because of its resemblance to the Catalan style found in and around Barcelona and is the only one of this kind to be found in Bilbao.



The Bilbao Arena was built to host events such as basketball games as well as cultural and leisure events. Completed in 2010, the building is located in the Miribilla district of the city and also houses a large gym and swimming pool for local residents to use. The arena was created to mimic the natural environment that surrounds it, including the grey stone from the former Miribilla mines and the green shades of the trees.



The Guggenheim Museum was designed by American architect Frank Gehry, who is known for his quirky buildings. The museum itself is known for modern and contemporary artwork. Inside the case of glass and titanium is a majestic building with different compartments leading to a different exhibition. Each passage shows you a different view of the building.

Outside the museum, it various sculptures including this stunning flower puppy by the artist Jeff Koons.




Have I missed a couple, message below what you think?

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