15 Countries Archtrove Recommends To Visit

The Architecture of each country is unique and individual. Yes, some countries have taken influence from other countries but each country has adapted it in its own. Here is a list of my top recommendations to visit around the world.


Italy has a diverse architectural style due to Italy’s division into several city-states. Arches and domes are the most famous architectural features used.



An expansion of skyscrapers, modern and futuristic buildings is the make up of Dubai. Dubai as a country has not been around for a long time so it has some catching up to do.



The architecture of Malaysia is a mix of its influences from british to portuguese, from dutch to indian. This diversity makes it a melting pot for architecture.



The decorative and adorned styles are the stand out features of Iranian architecture. With intricate patterns and a large amount of blue.



Vietnam is a mixture of poverty and french. Not something you think would go together architecturally, but somehow the country has made it work.


When you think of Greece, architecture is the first thing that comes to mind. The columns, the temples, the white stone.



Turkish architecture is a by product of its history, the Ottoman Empire. With a battle between Islamic and Western architecture coming together.



Traditionally China has always been seen as a poor country with traditionally housing and buildings. However in recent years China has invested in its country and its architecture.


9) USA

Although a relatively new country, the vastness of the USA has allowed it to develop numerous styles in all shapes and forms. The vast landscape has to allow different weathers, terrain, people and its architecture describes this.



England, although a small country has always found a way to make its architecture work. Most of Britains architecture is considerably older than outher countries.



With influence from north africa and france and portugal as borders. Spain has a mixed architecture style. In the south, more moorish, in the north more european.


12) Japan

Japan has always been a country where it doesnt like to take influence from other places and therefore a sense of uniqueness has played a part in its simple clean architectural style.


13) CUBA

Cuba as a country has had a tough history and its architecture has been affected. However, now is its time to shine. The unique mix of cultural and artistic influences throughout history have led to Cuba being renowned for its eclectic and diverse architecture.



The Portuguese built architecture similar to them in Europe in their aim to colonise Brazil. Brasil now has many portuguese style buildings but has started to take control back and adopt thier own style.



India is a country with a deep history, its more famous buildings date back thousands of years. With religious and cultural difference varying from region to region.


Have I missed a couple, message below what you think?

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