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Masks on at the Market – 3 Markets To Travel To

While architecture and photography are two of my main passions, food has always played a big part and was most definitely a love at first sight from a young age. Whether it was wondering round the kitchen, the supermarket or a beautiful market. In some ways architecture and food are quite similar, from colour, style, size, culture and texture. Or maybe that is just an excuse to eat and architect at the same time.

  1. BARCELONA The market above is located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. This one is Mercado de La Boqueria and was my first taste of spainish food markets, however, they are dotted around the city and in other spainish cities including Madrid and Bilbao. Not only does it have a stunning roof but it also had stunning produce, all locally sourced, from fish to tomatoes to cooked produce and juices. This market is beautiful architecturally and gastronomically.

2. LONDON Two of the most famous markets to visit when it comes to food are Camden and Borough. With one in the North and one in the South (sorry if you are not in London long), each offers a contrasting style. Camden is full of little alley ways, some covered, some not, some quirky, some alternative eateries. Whereas Borough attracts a slightly different crowd, a slightly pricey affair, situated under one roof, with a sit down restaurant but it does include produce, which Camden doesn’t.

Camden Market

3. COPENHAGEN When I moved to Copenhagen for my year abroad in 2011, a food market had recently opened. A modern food market + student + an expensive country = not a good mix but still I felt I had to go and see what modern food markets looked like. And it did not disappoint. Torvehallene food market is located in the centre of Copenhagen, a urban, covered marketplace featuring stalls with local produce, gourmet foods, & desserts. The building itself is a minimalist glass and steel warehouse, adding a bougie modern look as a contrast to the traditional buildings surrounding it.

Torvehallene Market, Copenhagen

There are some beautiful markets in the world, if you have any recomendations, let me know?

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