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5 Doors of Malta That Will Have You Falling in Love

Malta is a small, beautiful and idyllic island with much to explore in terms of Architecture. Floating between the countries of Italy, Tunisia and Libya, it combines the styles, to bring Europe and North Africa together. With many rulers and conquerors descending on the island, from the Romans to the Greeks to the Arabs, it showcase a mix of colour, vibrancy and order, almost like a mosaic.

Maltese Door 1


One Architectural feature that stood out for me was its stunning array of doors. Each with unique characteristics, patterns and colours. The quirky facades & doorways on the Maltese Island, stood against the sea is the perfect senario for a much needed getaway. Coming from a country where doors had to maintain a certain look, this is not only adds to a gorgeous summer vibe but was also rather refreshing to look at.

Maltese Door 2


Tha capital of Malta, Valetta, is where such doors can be seen. The city has been given UNESCO world heritage status and therefore the buildings along with thier doors, cannot be modified. But you can see why they shouldn’t be either.

This is where the doors are most prominent, with small, steep and narrow roads, the doors line up on either side as you walk down the catwalk. Some small, some with intricate knockers, some with woven iron patterns.

Maltese Door 3


The door above and the door below are two of my favourite doors that I came across. The above door, is a wooden door restyled with wooden panels underneath, next to very steep stairs. Even though this was proberbly due to repair, I still think it represents more, how even though we have hardships, we can still build. And look at those stairs!

The door below, is by far more grand, with the white intricate iron pattern, its bold royal green colouring and its grey columns holding the whole

Maltese Door 4


Doors have often symbolised the passage from one world to another in religion, mythology, and literature and each door appears to tell a different story. The word Malta is said to comes from the Phoenician word Maleth, “a haven”, or ‘port’ in reference to Malta’s many bays and coves, but I think this has translated on to the island aswell in the shape of its doors.

Maltese Door 5

By opening up it doors for tourists to flock to, in turn, Malta opens up its doors to the world.

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