Archtrove Travels to England

English Architecture is classical and traditional. Over the years there have been many different styles and sizes. From the traditional castles, cathedrals and manors dating over 1000 years in the countryside, to the modernistic styles of the future in the city.

It is worth remembering that although England is small, every different part has its own style and its own way of doing things, a nod to its history.


The architecture of Birmingham is down to history. Set off as a town built on the industrial revolution hence the city still has a pretty but ugly look to it. But don’t let that put you off, in recent years it has transformed its city into an iconic landmark by new developments such as the Bullring and remodernised others, such as the  Custard Factory.

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Manchester is the capital of the North with its iconic city centre. Although it is most famously known for its football. It also has some beautiful buildings.



The capital! As one of the top destinations to travel in the world and the one that has everyone in awe. London is full of iconic architectural pieces but also some not known. As the is constantly changing and is a melting pot of nationalities it pays homage to all.

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