Archtrove Travels to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, known for its lusicuous landscape and Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is the home of the Titanic, the Shi


Archtrove Travels to Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, a walled city bustling with people with catacomb-like streets full of hustle and bustle trade selling everything from spice to rugs. With traditional architecture dating back to Berber times, and not a skyscraper in sight, Marrakesh has stayed true to its origins earning a World Heritage Site status. The only tall structure being the… Continue reading Archtrove Travels to Marrakesh, Morocco

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Archtrove Travels to Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw was not what I expected, in terms of Architecture, in terms of food, in terms of everything. Yes, there are still huge concrete buildings to reflect its past but there are also beautiful colourful buildings and ornate architecture one would not associate with Poland. The grey and grim city it once was is no… Continue reading Archtrove Travels to Warsaw, Poland

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Top 10 Historical Buildings in Birmingham

Birmingham, as a city has been around for a long time and therefore is no surprise has many historical buildings. Winterbourne House and Gardens Winterbourne House and Garden are situated in leafy Edgbaston near the University of Birmingham. It is an early Edwardian 20th-century villa suburban house and garden set in 7 acres. A Grade… Continue reading Top 10 Historical Buildings in Birmingham

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Top 5 Hidden Areas to Visit in Birmingham

Like with all cities, Birmingham has hidden areas that are not obvious but are just as beautiful and just as much a must to visit when visiting Birmingham. These define what is Birmingham and are truly hidden gems. 1. Jeweller Quarter Historically, the heart of the jewellery industry, hence its name, now an up and… Continue reading Top 5 Hidden Areas to Visit in Birmingham

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Ironbridge – The First Iron Bridge in the World

Ironbridge is a 30 metre cast iron bridge built across the River Severn in 1779. It sits in the village of Ironbridge in the heart of the gorge, in Shropshire. It is the longest bridge to made of Iron at the time and is therefore known as beginning of the industrial revolution. Now it is… Continue reading Ironbridge – The First Iron Bridge in the World