# · Architecture · Brussels

The Architecture Guide to Belgium

Belgium Architecture Belgium architecture like most of Europe is known for its conquests and its occupiers, predominantly, the French and the Dutch so expect beautifully coloured buildings, finesse and style everywhere you turn. As a pinnacle centre for science and the arts, it has been known for its riches and these have seen investment into… Continue reading The Architecture Guide to Belgium

# · Architecture · Birmingham · England

The Architecture Guide to Birmingham

Birmingham, the second largest city in England is often overlooked even though it has some of the best things to see and do which include, the home to Lord of The Rings, Cadburys Factory and the Industrial Revolution. Most of the city's architecture is relatively new, and an expansion over the last 10 years has… Continue reading The Architecture Guide to Birmingham

# · America · Architecture

The Architecture Guide to Chicago, USA

Chicago, nicknamed the Windy City, is true to its name, but it is so much more. Not only does it have the status of being the home of the first skyscraper, it also has character. Something you would not expect from a city that had historical buildings destroyed in a Great Fire and skyscrapers now… Continue reading The Architecture Guide to Chicago, USA