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Archtrove Travels To Sidi Bou Said – the underrated blue and white

Sidi Bou Said is Tunisia’s answer to the Blue and White City. Located 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Tunis and find the tranquil and peace. A town is known for its artistry simplicity and beauty.

Blue and White of Side Bou Said

The entire town uses the colours of blue and white. Blue to represent the sea and sky, and white to reflect the heat. Composed of wooden parts, moucharabiehs are wooden sections protect windows and balconies from the sun and the strong heat of summer. The moucharabieh is built around windows or balconies in the Arabic or Southern European buildings and allow ventilation the room.

Walking in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

The town is situated above the sea level and getting there is a mountainous journey. When you are in the town it continues to be rocky streets. The streets and back alleys are narrow.

Mosque in Sidi Bou Said

At the entrance of the town stands a beautiful mosque which is also blue and white and has bright pink flowers cascading.