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Launching into the Lockdown – 10 Things You are Thinking After Corona Struck

This snapshot is…

  • necessary to stop this current pandemic
  • a scary situation
  • a opportunity to re-evaluate life
  • to remember a drop in the ocean can cause waves
  • a small change can make a big difference
  • to ackowledge rules are in place for a reason
  • a small price to pay
  • to NOT panic buy
  • the storm before the sun
  • the grass can be greener on the outside
  • a reminder to appreciate the great outdoors
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Archtrove Travels To Indonesia – the home of a infinite islands

Indonesia is not a country defined by its geography – its luscious forests and vast lands, it becomes the country it wants to be. As I travelled to Jakarta, I saw millions upon millions of people going about their daily life without any struggle, despite travelling miles each day through immense traffic. Miles upon miles of roads would snake around and all with wistful drivers with nothing but amples of time. As with any metropolitan city, Jakarta has a wide range of diversity but unlike any developed country, its diversity also extends to its own people.

Within Indonesia itself, there is a diverse range of climates, people, languages, cultures, food and artwork due to its many takeovers and its vast landscape. The world’s fourth most populous country in the world runs across the equator enjoying a rich bio-diversity. From trekking mountains, ex and dormant volcanoes, Indonesia is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Due to its legacy, many of these buildings still stand in forms such as religious or royal uses.

With low flat land in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, skyscrapers have begun to take place showcasing its transition into modernity, to high mountainous regions lying on the equator. Having said that, a contrasting landscape of a mirage of blue and green landscape, does however, help to slow things down and allows one to encompass the surroundings.

Cities in Indonesia