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Launching into the Lockdown – 10 Things You are Thinking After Corona Struck

This snapshot is…

  • necessary to stop this current pandemic
  • a scary situation
  • a opportunity to re-evaluate life
  • to remember a drop in the ocean can cause waves
  • a small change can make a big difference
  • to ackowledge rules are in place for a reason
  • a small price to pay
  • to NOT panic buy
  • the storm before the sun
  • the grass can be greener on the outside
  • a reminder to appreciate the great outdoors
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What makes London, London, is the fact that it is a melting pot of countries, cultures and communities. It’s diversity ranging from old dilapidated shacks to towering glass giants. The streets are even designed to acknowledge this amalgamation of eccentricity, twisting and turning, small and large, straight and windy. As I walk around the city and try to glide my way through, I am immediately submerged into a world that truly belongs to London. Nowhere else in Britain comes close. Look one-way history and hierarchy, the other millennials and millionaires.

Deep underground, in the pits of dirt and despair lurks the only suitable way around the city, speeding past at colossal speeds, rammed full of different colours, sizes and styles, spending minutes or hours in these deep dark dungeons. When I finally decide to venture to the top, a beacon of light and hope greets me, the surroundings are always the same, diversity.

From majestic banks to historical museums, industrial power stations to enigmatic train stations, giant super stores or independent shacks. The façades and its scale are equally diverse, from its cloud scaling glass towers, to its petite stone cathedrals, from its boulders of brutalist concrete to its original wooden structures. To pigeonhole London would be unfair, yes, it once was full of traditional buildings and the streets were paved with gold but the city is slowly changing, becoming a city of the future and this includes all the frills.

 As I look across the vast waters, I can see my reflection back at me as everywhere I turn is glass, a cold hard material or as a sign of symbolism, to come inside, welcome with open arms. One thing is for sure, the sudden influx of skyscrapers that have dominated the skyline, reverberating throughout the city, are definitely here to stay.

Buildings in London

Walkie Talkie

Neals Yard

Tower 42

National History Museum

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